Shadows Fynn Of Charlot`s Farm


Name: Shadows Fynn Of Charlot`s Farm
Sex: Male
Date of birth: February 26th 2007

Body color: black ( red-factored)
Trim color: White/Copper
Tail length: Long

Weight: 23 kg
Height: 54 cm

HD: A2
MDR 1: +/-
PRA: Free

Sire: Black Shadow Of Rising Rainbow
Dam: Pleasure`s Moonrise Venus

ASCA registration: E 151263

Fynn is available for stud to selected healthy (MDR1 +/+) bitches

He was born as the fifth puppy of his litter. Like his littermates, he has been thriving and developing well from the start. He resembles his mother Venus in many ways. Like her, he is a dog who choses "his" humans - but if he loves someone, he loves them dearly and will greet them with great affection. Unlike Venus, he loves water (especially our small garden pond) - no wonder: his zodiac sign is Pisces.
He has a calm and even-tempered demanour, beautiful markings, and his loping stride is outstanding.

He is showing immense will to please during Obedience training, he's learning quickly and is very focused when he's working.

In Frank und Birgit he found the perfect familiy who love him dearly - and Fynn very much enjoys life as a SFD (spoilt family dog).

Fynn has his own website at

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