Sir Peter Of Charlot`s Farm


Name: Sir Peter Of Charlot`s Farm
Sex: Male
Date of birth: December 11th 2007

Body color: red merle
Trim color: White/Copper
Tail length: Long

Weight: 23 kg
Height: 54 cm

HD: A2
ED: Grade o
MDR 1: +/+
PRA: Free

Sire: GMG Red Floyd CDX
Dam: Miss Mable Of Charlot`s Farm

ASCA registration: E 156040<

Peter is available for stud to selected bitches.

He was born as the second puppy of his litter. The puppies were born in December, and we had lots of snow that winter. Iit was awsome to watch Peter and his littermates romping around in the snow. Peter was the only puppy of his litter having a long tail, and he has developed into a beautiful, very even-tempered red merle boy. He has inherited his mother Mable's ability to make those "faithful dog eyes", and his father Floyd's eagerness and will to please. Peter always pays attention to his humans. Like his mother, he loves water and taking a bath as often as possible. He is friendly towards people without being pushy. He is a very calm and even-tempered dog, nothing can disconcert him. He has a compact build, and a very balanced appearance with a graceful, loping stride.

Although he doesn't have much experience in the show ring, he usually scores high when he competes.

He loves his owner Uli and her children, he looks out for them and has formed a strong emotional bond with them. Peter occasionally works as a therapy dog with children and usually manages to bring calm into any situation.
Uli and Peter are a perfect team.  When he's not working, Peter very much enjoys life as a SFD (spoilt family dog).

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