The Aussie

The Australian Shepherd was developed as a herding breed.

He  is a real looker who stands out from the crowd thanks to his luxurious medium-length, straight or wavy coat and beautiful eyes.

Aussie colors are red, red merle, blue merle and black. They may also have copper (tan) points or white markings in various combination on the face, chest, and legs.

The eyes may be any shade of brown, or blue. Aussies may have two different colored or even bicolored eyes.

The ASCA standards require the tail of the Aussie to be naturally short (naturally bobbed tails (NBT)) or a docked tail not to exceed four inches.
As docking has been banned in Germany, our puppies/dogs either have long or naturally bobbed tails.

The Aussie can be slightly reserved with strangers, but is kind, loving and devoted to his owner. He's a high-energy dog needing a great deal of exercise and attention, a good problem-solver and - as a herding breed -  renowned for his ability to think independently.

To learn more about the breed standards, visit the following website: ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.)



  • aenny102Even as puppies Aussies are already second to none
  • aenny101Even Aussies are sleepy sometimes
  • Aenny103Aussies love to have a good cuddle
  • Aenny105Aussies like having boisterous friends
  • Aenny106Aussies sometimes need to follow their instincts
  • Aenny109Aussies are absolutely amazing and the best!
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