Pleasure`s Moonrise Venus (June 15th 2004 - December 2nd 2015)


Name: Pleasure`s Moonrise Venus
Sex: Female
Date of birth: June 15th 2004

Body color: Red
Trim color: White/copper
Tail length: Long

Weight: 19,5 kg
Height: 53 cm

HD: B1
OCD: free
ED: Grade 0
MDR 1: -/-
PRA: free

Sire: Moorea`s Bavarian Forest Ranger
Dam: Candys Beauty Tiger

ASCA registration: E 137687

Venus was our second Aussie. Her breeder told us she had chosen us as her family - she never spent as much time with any other visitors as with us - knowing this, of course we couldn't resist and took her home with us !
She was a very independant girl and she was friendly towards everyone, always carrying around a toy and inviting everyone to play with her. She loved carrying our shoes around the house all the time, a thing she started doing when she was a puppy at her breeder's house (the puppies grew up with the breeder's family and thus were very well socialized and well prepared for their future lives).

Venus was a lively dog and soon became respected by the other dogs in our group, especially by our two males.

She was a very confident dog and has won second place several times at various dog shows.

Venus was a loving "auntie" to our puppies and loved playing with them. She has also been a great help in training our youngsters (like teaching them to stay close to us on our walks).
She loved being around us all the time and working as a therapy dog. She was amazing at calming and comforting the young people I worked with without needing any words. She was a lively dog, but also cuddly and patient.

Together we also made an awesome team visiting classrooms and teaching young children about dogs and wolves.

Venus will be greatly missed.

Dog Show Results:

July 17th 2005 ASCD Conformation Show
#2 bitches - Open Red

October 9th 2005 ASCD Conformation Show
#2 bitches - Open Red

May 2006 ASCD Conformation Show
#2 bitches - German Bred

May 13th 2012 Königswinter
#1 bitches - Open RedB


Venus X Cosmo - October 27th 2011
Venus X Tyler - June 27th 2009
Venus X Shadow - February 26th 2007

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