Mailo Black Diamond Of Charlot`s Farm


Name: Mailo Black Diamond Of Charlot`s Farm
Sex: Male
Date of birth: April 6th 2014

Body color: Black
Trim color: White
Tail length: Long

Weight: 27 kg
Height: 57 cm

HD: A1
ED: Grade 0
MDR 1: +/+

Hereditary cataracts: Free
Prcd-PRA: Free
CEA: Free Laboklin
DM: Carrier
NCL: Free
MH: Free

Sire: Elements Sensation On Earth
Dam: Cosma Invita Of Charlot`s Farm

ASCA registration: E 186645

When my beloved Invita became pregnant for the first time I was eagerly awaiting her litter. She is a wonderful dog, an Aussie to dream of. Amazingly, it took her only two hours and 2 minutes to give birth to 8 healthy puppies. Mailo was born 2nd, 20 minutes after his sister Livia, and he was the most beautiful black bi pup I had ever seen. And he still is a real looker as an adult, a true black diamond.

He turned out the heaviest and largest of his siblings and still is. From the very beginning, he stood out because of his calm and easy-going character. Although he was a playful puppy, he never was hyped up, and always avoided conflict and stayed clear of the fray when his littermates were playing too rough. He was open, curious, loved being cuddled and even as a puppy showed an enormeous will to please.

And Mailo is still very much like that - he developed into a relaxed, even-tempered adult, who is still openminded, curious, friendly towards both people and all kinds of animals and compatible with other dogs of both sexes.
He likes being with his family all the time and to come along when his owners go jogging, riding their bikes, and even when they go horse riding and he just loves a good game of "Fetch". But he's also sporty - he already was able to achieve good results in a Jump and Dog tournament.

Mailo is a true sweetheart who has kept his easy-going, playful nature even as an adult.

He available for stud to selected bitches.

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