Chief Shona Of Charlot`s Farm


 Name: Chief Shona Of Charlot`s Farm
Sex: Female
Date of birth: January 16th 2006

Body color: Black
Trim color: White/Copper
Tail length: NBT

Weight: 19,5 kg
Height: 52 cm

OCD: free
ED: Grade
MDR 1: +/+
PRA: free

Sire:   Festus Hagen Of Hillensberg
Dam:   Sunflower Aenny Of Blue Velvet

ASCA registration: E 144960

Shona is our Baby and thus quite spoiled. She grew up with four brothers and was born as the fifth puppy. As someone from our household fell in love with her, we decited to keep her, although we hadn't planned to keep a puppy from this litter. Turns out, this was a very good decision.

She is a very self-confident girl who loves teasing the other dogs of the group. The only dog she respects is Nash, our Irish Wolfhound, except when it comes to the battle for Prime Couch Space - if Nash wants to lie down on the sofa too she keeps pretending to be fast asleep and won't move an inch. So her name "Chief Shona" really says it all ! We first called her just Shona, but something was still missing, and when friends of ours came up with Chief Shone, it was a perfect fit for her.

She loves rabbits and chickens and likes watching me feeding them and cleaning the chicken pen and the cages (in case I drop something).

She loves working and is full of eagerness. I have already taken her with me when I work in the classroom a few times and she loves showing off all the commands she already knows. The kids are always surprised how many commands even a very young dog already knows.

Unfortunately her father Festus has died in an accident in 2006, otherwise we would have loved to repeat this mating.

Shona has also shown her talent in the show ring: she won third place at the first dog show we took her.

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