Sir Bodie  Of Charlot`s Farm



Name: Sir Bodie Of Charlot`s Farm
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 14.10.2016

Body color: black
Trim color: White and Copper
Tail length: long
Weight: 22 kg

HD: A2
ED: Grade 0
MDR 1: +/+
PRA: free
CEA: free, Laboklin

Sire: Trulyawesome Fallingstar
Dam: Miss Vega Of Charlot`s Farm

ASCA registration: E198718



Sir Bodie is a puppy from our own Vega's first litter. We had 9 little black babies bustling around the house - it was an all-black litter - and Vega was a great mother. 

It was the first litter I thought I would have to use different colored colars to tell the puppies apart, but actually each puppy had something unique. Bodie was the 9th puppy  - he was born last - and has always been a charmer who could wrap everyone around his little paw instantly.

He is an athletic male and has a beautiful copper trim and good bone structure as well as a well-balanced gait. Through his mother Vega he is red factored.
From the beginning he was an open-minded and curious dog and is easily motivated and has a great will to please.
He is characterized by his open and friendly nature and wants to be with his people all the time. He is a family dog you can easily take anywhere, an ideal companion dog.

He has a very promising pedigree and is available for stud to selected bitches.




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