Bailey Cheveyo Of Charlot`s Farm


Name: Bailey Cheveyo Of Charlot`s Farm
Sex: Male
Date of birth: October 27th 2011

Body color:   Dark red bi
Trim color:   White
Tail length:   Long

Weight:   25 kg

HD:   A2
ED:   Grade 0
MDR 1: +/-
PRA:   Free
CEA:   Normal

Sire:   M & M`s Cosmopolitan
Dam:   Pleasure`s Moonrise Venus

ASCA registration: E 175437

Bailey was born as the third puppy of his litter. He has always been the largest compared to his siblings, even at birth and is still today.
Nothing can disconcert him, and he was a source of stability for his littermates. He is full of determination and shows great motivation to reach his goals and is a dog who is alert and interested in his surroundings.

He has inherited his mother's Venus beautyful dark red color, as well as her will-to-please. He is a real looker with his dark red/bi coat, balanced appearance, and his beautiful head (which comes from his father's Cosmo side).

He wants to be with his humans all the time, is easy to motivate and is very focused when he works with his owner Bianca, who wants him to become a therapy dog.

Bailey loves to play fetch. His quiet, focused, and confident demeanor, as well as his balanced, athletic physique and harmonic movements are outstanding.
He loves people and shows no aggression at all towards other dogs and other animals.

Bailey descends from the awsome Mistretta bloodline. This, in combination with our Venus, has resulted in an outstanding litter of puppies. All of these puppies are eager to work, are focused and show an immense will to please.

Bianca and Bailey are a perfect team. Since Bailey is in perfect health, he available for stud to selected Bitches.

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Litters sired by Bailey

Miss Mable Of Charlot`s Farm X Bailey Cheveyo Of Charlot`s Farm (July 18th/19th 2013)

  • Elwood
  • Ilana und Pele
  • Malou und Pele
  • Pele
  • Quincy
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