NorthbayXSell`s Smiling Boy


Name: NorthbayXSell`s Smiling Boy
Preferred Name: Wils
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 31.12.2017
Body color: Red merle
Trim color: White/Copper
Tail length: Long
Weight: 24 kg
Height: 57cm

HD: A2
ED: Grade 0
MDR 1: +/+
Heredetary cataracts: Free
Prcd-PRA: Free
CEA: Free
DM: Free
NCL: Free
MH: Free
HUU: Free

Sire: Ch Xsells B`Spotlight On Northbay
Dam: Runway Northbay`s Just Desserts

ASCA Registration: E 205517

I have always wanted an American bred Aussie, especially as a stud dog. It didn't quite work out the first time we tried, but now everything went well. In May 2018 my husband Joachim flew over to the USA to pick up Wiles and a few days later they finally arrived here.

He swept me off my feet and I'm so glad I have him here with us. He's a very even-tempered boy and it's a pleasure to have him around. He's going to work with me and whatever happens, he remains calm. He's an eager learner and for a treat he will do everything - and he's grinning, wiggling his buttocks all the time! Such a lovely, friendly dog.
Although he himself was still very young he was a wonderful mentor to the puppies from Vega's second litter and played with them very gently and carefully. He's like Breezy's big brother and together with Thordis they are plotting alot of mischief.
His character is just like I had hoped, his build is perfect and his movements are harmonic.

Wils is available for stud to suitable bitches with ASCA papers.



Wils' Offspring

Wils & Vega (05/01/2020)

  • Chinook1
  • Fleur
  • Fynn

  • Hazel
  • Hope1
  • Lennox3

  • Nala
  • Sancho
  • Theo

  • Yoda



Wils & Breezy (07/01/2021)

  • W1_Rüde_4
  • W2_Hündin_5
  • W3_Rüde_5

  • W4_Rüde_6
  • W5_Hündin_4
  • W6_Rüde_6

  • W7_Hündin_6
  • W8_Hündin_9



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