Sunflower Aenny Of Blue Velvet 16.4.2002 - 28.10.2016


Name: Sunflower Aenny Of Blue Velvet
Sex: Female
Date of birth: April 16th 2002

Body color: Red
Trim color: White/copper
Tail length: Long

Weight: 20 kg
Height: 52 cm

HD: A2
MDR 1: +/+
PRA: free

Sire: Starlights Certainlysweetpower
Dam: Horseman`s Blue Velvet Lacey

ASCA registration: E 121122

Aenny was the first Aussie we got. We made a conscious decision to get an Aussie, as we knew from the beginning we wanted to breed and wanted her to become a therapy dog (in America there are lots of Aussies working as therapy dogs).

Aenny grew up with the Jansen family and was socialized very well as a puppy which is important especially for working therapy dogs.

We loved her from the moment we first saw her ! Two weeks after she moved in with us, we went on a camping trip to Switzerland. She was the the star of the camping site and kept inviting all the other dogs to play - even our friend's elderly German Shepherd loved playing with her. Our Irish Wolfhound Nash is her best buddy and they are thick as thieves. They make an awsome team - meaning Nash will steal things from the table, Aenny eats them and will lick Nash's ears in return.

Aenny also is an awesome mother and loves caring for her puppies.

She enjoys working as a therapy dog. Working in Child and Youth Psychiatry she was able to show how patient she is and how much she loves people (of course she also enjoyed all the treats and cuddles she got as well). The children loved snuggling up to her and Aenny showed her special Aussie "grin" (not all dogs can and do "grin", but Aussies often do).


Aenny X Shadows Fynn - April 14th 2010
Aenny X Logan - August 5th 2008
Aenny X Festus - January 16th 2006
Aenny X Pai - February 25th 2005

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