Our 2008 Litter: Aenny X Logan

Our puppies were born on August 5th 2008

...the parents...

  • Logan und Aenny


...and the puppies...

  • Jack and Ole of Charlot's FarmJack and Ole of Charlot's Farm
  • Little Mable of Charlot's FarmLittle Mable of Charlot's Farm

  • Molly Blue of Charlot's FarmMolly Blue of Charlot's Farm
  • Ole of Charlot's FarmOle of Charlot's Farm

  • Candy_30._Januar_2009_0001
  • Candy_30._Januar_2009_0002

Candy (Canadian Dream) of Charlot`s Farm

  • Snappy_03._Marz_2009_0001
  • Snappy_03._Marz_2009_0002

Snappy of Charlot`s Farm

  • Finlay_02._Dezember_2008_0001
  • Finlay_30._Januar_2009_0001
  • Finlay_30._Januar_2009_0002

Finlay of Charlot`s Farm

  • Amy71149
  • Amy_10._November_2008_0001

Amy of Charlot`s Farm

  • Pontos_26._Februar_2009_0001
  • Pontos_26._Februar_2009_0002

Pontos of Charlot`s Farm

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