Our 2010 Litter: Sunflower Aenny of blue Velvet X Shadows Fynn of Charlot`s Farm

Our puppies were born on April 4th 2010


...the parents...

  • AennyAenny
  • Shadows FynnShadows Fynn


...and the puppies...


  • Hunde_JS_2010.08
  • Titus_JS_2010.07.30_0046

“Titus” male (black tri)

  • Welpen_Aenny_2010_JS_2010.05.23_0084

“Carlotta” female (red tri)

  • Smilla_JS_2010.07.08_0001-2
  • Smilla_JS_2010.07.12_0002

“Smilla” female (red tri)

  • Mae_JS_2010.07.13_0045
  • Mae_JS_2010.07.21_0047
  • Mae_JS_2010.07.21_0048
  • Mae_JS_2010.07.21_0049

“Mae” female (red tri)

  • Welpen_Aenny_2010_JS_2010.06.04_0164

“Georgina” female (red tri)

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