Our puppies are born !

On November 11th 2018, 2 furry little princes and their 7 ladies-in-waiting were born.

Their parents are:
IItsmylife`s A Dream Come True „Pippin“ DNA-Vp, VDH BH A3
and our own
Miss Vega Of Charlot`s Farm, „Vega“ DNA-VP

The puppies are developing very well and show great promise for becoming excellent sporting dogs. However, the health of our puppies is our highest goal in breeding. These little pups will be suitable as "family dogs" but also for people with sporting ambitions. Their pedigree is very promising! We are looking for active and athletic people as their future owners who are ready to share their lives with their new family member. The Aussie is a breed who needs alot of challenges and stimuli to be happy. If you are interested in one of our puppies you are welcome to contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.



All of our puppies have found a new home



Our gang of little rascals


  • W11
  • W10

W1: female, blue merle



  • W21
  • W20

W2: female, black tri



  • W31
  • W30

W3: female, blue merle



  • W41
  • W40

W4: female, blue merle



  • W51
  • W50

W5: female, black tri



  • W61
  • W60

W6: female, blue merle



  • W71
  • W70

W7: female, black tri



  • W81
  • W80

W8: male, black tri



  • W91
  • W90

W9: male,black tri

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