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April 2023

We are looking for a new home for our 4.5 year old black tri girl Marlie. Marlie was bred and born at our kennel. She is an athletic dog who wants to please her humans. She learns quickly and just wants to be with her family.

We are looking for a home for her with a family who has experience with dogs where she can live as an only dog and who do not have small children.
Marlie is intact (not neutered), but is not approved for breeding.

Inquiries and further information by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





November 2022

Two of Hedda's puppies are still looking for their forever family.
A little black tri male called Ludwig and a blue merle female called Luise.
Please get in touch with us if you're interested in one of these puppies.


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October 2022

Hedda's and Wils' puppies were born on October 16th 2022.
Like her grandma Invita and her mum Thordis she gave birth very quickly - her seven puppies (3 red merle males, one black tri male, one red bi female and two blue merle females) were born within just 3 hours.
Well done, Wils and Hedda!
Hedda and the puppies are doing very well. Although it is Hedda's first litter, she cares for her puppies calmly and with great serenity. It's just nice to see how quickly Hedda has settled into her role as a mother.

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September 2022

We are excited to be able to announce that we're expecting our next litter (by Wils and Hedda) in mid-October. We're expecting puppies of all colors




February 2022

Little Grace is still looking for her forever-family. She is red bi and NBT and passed her eye exam with flying colors! For more information please get in touch

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December 19th 2021

On December 19th Thordis has born her puppies (six female puppies and one male, all with red and red merle coats). Thordis and her puppies are doing fine. The puppies are putting on weight every day.

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December 2021

We are having puppies!



March 2021

Both the puppies and Raven have found wonderful new families!



February 2021

7 year old Raven who was born and bred at our kennel is looking for a new home. We are looking for a family who is experienced with dogs and who doesn't have small children. Raven is a lively dog who likes to work. He can stay alone without problems but he also enjoys being taken out for a ride in the car with his people. For more information please send us an e-mail or call us.



January 2021

Wils' (Northbayxsell`s Smiling Boy) and Breezy's (All Of A Sudden Breezy Of Charlot`s Farm) puppies were born on January 7th 2021. We have 4 male and 4 female puppies. Read more under "Puppies"



June 2020

Thordis' puppies have all found their new human families!


April 2020

On April 10th 2020 CH Coolmoor`s Monster Mash@Gatorheaven's and our own Thordis A Special Of Charlot`s Farm's puppies were born. Thordis and the puppies (three male and two female) are doing great. The puppies are putting on weight every day. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact us.

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March 2020


After trying again and again for such a long time we are now expecting Thordis' and Bash's first litter around April 10th 2020.

CH Coolmoors Monster Mash@Gatorheaven "Bash" & Thordis A Special Of Charlot`s Farm

We are looking forward very much to this litter and are expecting puppies of all colors. Thordis loves to work with me (obedience/obedience rally) and has a great will to please. Bash is a very calm dog and we therefore think his puppies will be even-tempered too.

Many thanks to Simone Wagner, Alex Weißenberg and Uli for making this litter possible!


Pictures of Thordis: Esther Prodöhl



January 2020

Wils' (NorthbayXSell`s Smiling Boy) und Vega's (Miss Vega auf Charlot`s Farm) puppies - 6 boys and 4 girls - were born on January 05th 2020 geboren.

As always, Vega is an awesome, caring mother. Her puppies are one week old now and have put on weight and are doing very well. We are very excited what the next weeks will bring.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact us.



December 2019

Today we had an ultrasound done and we saw many little hearts beating! We are now eagerly awaiting the birth of Vega's puppies in January



November 2019

Wils fell in love - not as we planned with Breezy, but with our beautiful Vega though - and we are now expecting red merle and red tri puppies in early January 2020.



July 2019

We're planning our next litter with Wils and Breezy this fall.



April 2019

Thordis and I took part in a Rally Obedience trial in Belgium. Thordis was amazing. She scored at 197 and has recieved her third leg - and we can now add the title RN to her name. She's inherited her mother's talent!



April 2019

Our own Wils (NorthbayXSell`s Smiling Boy) is now available for stud to suitable bitches with ASCA papers.



December 2018


We are looking for an active family who wants to give our 5 year old blue merle bi male aussie a new home. His new owners should have some experience with dogs and this breed in particular. His previous owners can't keep him any longer because of personal reasons.

Elwood is an athletic dog who needs some challenge in his life to be happy. He has a little previous experience in Agility and seems to be very talented. He's fast and understands quickly what is asked of him.

He is not neutered and is registered with the ASCA but he is NOT allowed for breeding. He is getting along well with female dogs and some, but not all, male dogs.

Price: Protective charge
Location: 53506 Lind, Germany

If you are interested in giving Elwood a new home, send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (0049) 2643/9410127

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November 2018

Our puppies are born ! On November 11th 2018, 2 furry little princes and their 7 ladies-in-waiting were born.



October 2018

We're almost there: If nothing goes wrong, we expect puppies around the middle of November.

Itsmylife`s A Dream Come True, VDH BH A3, Rufname Pippin X Miss Vega Of Charlot`s Farm, Vega



Vega didn't have puppies in over two years so this year we had been looking for a matching Sire for her second litter and found the wonderful Pippin! We are expecting their puppies to be as athletic and light-footed as their parents.

Many thanks to Antje Jähn and Linda Martin for making this litter possible.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact us as soon as possible, as there are already a number of interested parties.

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May 2018

Once again, Thordis surprised me - she's amazing! I had registered with Invita for the Rally Obedience trial at Aubachtal, but she had injured her leg, so I spontaneously decited to take part with Thordis instead. Even though I hadn't practiced with her much, she managed to score unbelievable 95 points - 7 points more than her mother Invita managed to score at her first trial. They are my two sporting aces!

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January 2018

Malou (who is now called Cookie) has found a wonderful new home with Angela.



December 2017

Malou who was born at our kennel is looking for a loving new home. Malou is 4 years old (*July 17th 2013), chipped and vaccinated but not spayed.

She is biddable, can be left at home (even at a hotel) for a few hours, she rarely barks and likes car rides. At her house she is very quiet and laid back, she's never been ill in her life and her recall is very good both off and on-leash. She is getting along with most dogs and loves to play. Malou doesn't show prey drive except with cats. Of course, like all dogs, she needs positive, patient and consistent training. She's learning fast and will do almost everything for a treat and already knows a large number of commands and tricks .

In her new home she'd enjoy living with a doggy friend but cats shouldn't be part of her new family. Her new owners need to have time to keep her occupied and physically and mentally stimulated. She knows dog sports like Rally Obedience and Mantrailing and enjoys them but this is not a must.

If you're interested in giving Malou a new home, please call us at +49 2643 9410127.

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October 2017

I've taken Invita to the vet and we've seen six little hearts beating! If everything goes well we're expecting this autumn's litter on November 12th 2017. I am very curious about how the puppies will turn out. Invita will be a great mom, as always. We are expecting puppies with a great will to please who will enjoy all kinds of sports.
Thanks again to Debby Michielsen and Peggy Meersmann for making this litter possible.

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April 2017

Easter Saturday I started at Kindenheim with Invita. Invita finished her Advanced Title on her first X leg with a score of 196. I'm so proud of her and am looking forward to the next trials. Invita absolutely loves Obedience and Rally Obedience!

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We had an amazing week-end in Belgium and little Breezy surprised us all: She ranked 3rd on Friday and 2nd on Saturday. I'm so pround of her ! Maria also did a great job handling her in the ring (it was the first time in the show ring for her). They make a wonderful team and we believe they'll have a bright future together.

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On April 9th Thula, who is Invita & Hunter's daughter and was born at our kennel, has mastered her Obedience Trial with a score of 312 which also ment she was Winner of the Day. Her buddy Chinook got a score of 278. Congratulations to Heidi. I'm super proud of you!

  • HeidThulaChinooksmall



March 2017

From now on, Mailo Black Diamond Of Charlot`s Farm is a vailable for stud to selected bitches.



March 10th 2017

Last week we went to a dog show in Dettelbach with Scooter and Thordis. It was their first show and they did great. Scooter even ranked 4th in a large class of 9-12 months old males on Sunday under the judge Heidi Mobley. I'm really proud of Scooter!

I was also very happy to meet Andrea and Hilmar there who adopted our little black Aisha (Vega and Dave's daughter). Aisha has developed very well and was very confident in the unfamiliar environment - large building, many people and dogs. It was a wonderful weekend.

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February 2017

Pauline and Breezy visited a classroom at a local school (Vischeltalschule). Both kids and dogs had lots of fun with each other. I'm very very proud of my two little furry "teachers".

dogs in the classroom (article)

source: Mittelahr Bote - issue 05/2017



August 2016

A long-held dream of mine is going to become reality on the 4th of October. Little Scooter - born and bred at the prestigeous Northbay kennel in the US - will go on a long journey across the atlantic to become a new member of our own Charlot's Farm kennel. I am very grateful to Heather Parson Herron that she has entrusted me with this precious little darling. Many thanks to Myrjam Langen who called my attention to this wonderful litter and to Svenja Hagedorn who will undertake the long flight to the US to pick up our new kennel member Northbay Fly To Charlot's Farm (called "Scooter") and accompany him on the plane back to Germany.

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August 2016

Things are going to be much darker in the future!*

*we expect all puppies will have a black coat like their father

Our own Miss Vega of Charlot's Farm and Trulyawesome Fallingstar „Dave“ had a date ! After a long time of looking for the right sire for Vega's litter we finally found Dave ! They complement each other in both appearance and temper extremely well. We expect their puppies to become confident, athletic adults and thus great family dogs. Both parents have been examined and found free of any hereditary disease as well as HD and ED ensuring healthy puppies.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact us as soon as possible.



July 2016

Here are the first pictures of Angie in her new home. I'm so happy - it's almost as if these two were made for each other. It's obvious Angie is doing very well. She really likes the pond in her new home, especially with the recent temperatures (we're sure she's been a seal in a past life), and she has already found a new friend. We are truly grateful to Gabi Kofler - only with her help (designing and putting up posters at different locations) Angie has found her wonderful new home.

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June 2016

Angie, a nine year old girl who was born at our kennel is looking for a new home. Her owner cannot take care for her any longer for health reasons. She is neutered, trained to ride in a car with no problems and can stay home alone for a few hours. She's a sweet, cuddly girl who is in top shape for her age. Because she tends to greet her people enthusiastically and can be quite boisterous, there shouldn't be small children living in her new family. She is used to living together with cats and loves just to be with her family all the time and accompany them everywhere. She gets along with some dogs, but it depends on sympathy. Her mother was our Venus whom she resembles alot in many ways. If you are genuinely interested in adopting her, don't hesitate to call us or to send us an email.

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May 2016

Frida, a sweet girl born at our kennel (Invita X Hunter) in 2014 has passed the companion dog test, together with her owner Karin. We are very proud of her and very happy she has found such a great home with Karin. Frida is very much like her mother Invita. She has inherited Invita's will to please and her enthusiasm when she's working, as well as her father Hunter's calm behaviour. She's a great blend of those two characters. We are excited about the future.

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2016 litter

Our 2016 litter was born on January 8th 2016 - the glorious seven. Invita and her puppies are doing great. Like last time, Invita is a wonderful caring mother.
Today we took her out for a walk, for the first time after giving birth, so she'll stay fit and can continue to care well for her puppies.

W1: male, red bi - has been adopted and will move in with his new family when old enough
W2: male, blue merle - has been adopted and will move in with his new family when old enough
W3: female, red merle - has been adopted and will move in with her new family when old enough
W4: male, red merle - has been adopted and will move in with his new family when old enough
W5: female, red merle - has been adopted and will move in with her new family when old enough
W6: female, red merle - reserved
W7: female, black tri - has been adopted and will move in with her new family when old enough



Our Highlight of the Year 2015

Invita had a hot date...with Liam !

If everything goes as planned, we are expecting puppies on or around 10/01/2016 (all colors possible).

We are very much looking forward to this litter!

We are taking reservations. If you are interested in this litter or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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