Miss Mable Of Charlot`s Farm


Name: Miss Mable Of Charlot`s Farm
Sex: Female
Date of birth: February 25th 2005

Body color: Blue merle
Trim color: White/Copper
Tail length: NBT

Weight: 19 kg
Height: 52 cm

HD: A2
OCD: Free
ED: Grade 0
MDR 1: +/+
PRA: Free

Sire: Ch Pia Pied Of Windsor
Dam: Sunflower Aenny Of Blue Velvet

ASCA registration: E 139326

Mable was born at our kennel as the third of 8 puppies, and it was clear to me from the start that she would stay. She is a calm and even-tempered girl who likes to work and loves to be with us all the time. She loves our chickens and rabbits and has learned not to chase them - but she loves to steal pieces of bread from the stables when she can. She likes to be petted and to really snuggle up to us. Mable is also a working therapy dog. She raises alot of attention because of her unusual blue merle coat. 

She is a loving older sister to our Shona and loves to romp about in the garden with her and she has this habit of sighing very loudly when she's in a relaxed and happy mood and her newest addition to the collection of odd noises she makes is a growling noise (like a cat's purr) when she's lying on the sofa snuggled up to one of us.

She knows what she wants and usually gets her way (like stealing food from our other dogs and getting a nice big cuddle) and she's our Queen of Escapees. Even as a puppy she always found a way to get where she wanted to. She loves to jump, so a puppy fence never really proved much of an obstacle to her. If you leave her outside in the garden and she gets bored, she'll jump on the garden table looking in through the window if there are maybe more interesting things going on inside.


Mable X Shadows Fynn - March 19th 2011

Mable X Shadows Fynn - November 4th 2009

Mable X Floyd - December 11th 2007

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