Venus X Tyler (RT Enjoy my Atraction “Tyler”)

Our puppies (1 red-merle girl, 1 red-merle boy, 3 red-tri girls, 2 red-tri boys) were born on June 27th 2009


  • DSCW1_0006
  • DSCW1_0299
  • DSCw1_0013
  • DSCw1_0025

(W1) Amy of Charlot´s Farm (female, red merle)

  • Linus_30._August_2009_0001
  • Linus_30._August_2009_0002
  • Linus_30._August_2009_0003
  • Linus_30._August_2009_0004

(W2) Linus of Charlot`s Farm (male, red tri)

  • DSC_0260
  • DSC_0361
  • DSC_0365
  • DSCw3_0066

(W3) Luna of Charlot`s Farm (female, red tri)

  • DSCW4_0074
  • DSCW4_0077
  • DSCW4_0328

(W4) Just Tazz of Charlot`s Farm (female, red tri)

  • DSC_0199
  • DSC_0214
  • Welpen_Venus_18._August_2009_0010

(W5) Milo of Charlot`s Farm (male, red merle)

  • DSCw6_0087
  • Welpen_Venus_30._August_2009_0001
  • Welpen_Venus_30._August_2009_0001k
  • Welpen_Venus_30._August_2009_0003k
  • Welpen_Venus_30._August_2009_0005k

(W6) Just Peach of Charlot`s Farm (female, red tri)

  • DSCW7_0147
  • DSCW7_0340

(W7) Red Chap of Charlot`s Farm (male, Red Tri)

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