And here is our very special litter: Shaggy's (ATCH Some Kind Of Magic`s It Wasn`t Me STDcs GS-E-SP JS-E-SP RA DANN-VP) and our own Invita's (Cosma Invita of Charlot`s Farm CD RA DANN-VP) puppies were born on November 15th within 2 hours. All puppies are bicolor and are doing great - as always, Invita is a wonderful mother.




All puppies have found a new home!




This little red bi male is still looking for a new family

This little cutie is called Digger and he's living with our family together with our other dogs. He's a dog with a great will to please, he loves learning new things, likes car rides and is socialized well.

He's always happy to be with his people. He's bonding closely with his human family and wants to discover the world together with them. Digger is not a puppy who always needs to be the center of attention. He just wants to be with his people, is very cuddly and a rather quiet Aussie. He needs a human friend who gives him security and manages everything for him. We also think he'd make a good buddy for an older, confident dog.

In puppy class he always tries to get everything right. He's very easy to handle and a quick learner. He's easily motivated both through treats and with toys and he's a real sweetheart. He has a natural bobtail (NBT) like his mother Invita, which is a normal and well known phenomenon among some breeds, and resembles her alot both in color and temperament. He's a wonderful little dog who'll bring great joy to his new family.

You can find more info on our facebook pages: Heike Seidel and Australian Shepherds Of Charlot`s Farm.


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These males are looking for a new home



  • Blue2
  • Blue



  • Digger2
  • Digger



  • Kjetil2
  • Kjetil



  • Quinn2
  • Quinn





  • W14
  • W13
  • W12

  • W11

W1: male, red merle white, long tail



  • W24
  • W23
  • W22

  • W21

W2: male, blue merle white, NBT



  • W34
  • W33
  • W32

  • W31

W3: female, red white, long tale, has found a new home (will move out when she's old enough)



  • W44
  • W43
  • W42

  • W41

W4: male, dark red merle white, long tail



  • W54
  • W53
  • W52

  • W51

W5: male, black white, long tail



  • W64
  • W63
  • W62

  • W61

W6: male, red white, NBT



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